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Uni Directional Carbon Poly Rail Tape 

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Well that's a mouthful of a name!  The rail tape is a part of Sanded Australia's premium range of products with lots of fibre and lots of pizzazz!  

The Carbon Poly unidirectional tapes consist of a plain weave construction with at least 80% of the fabric weight in the 0° or Warp direction. The breakdown of the design of the tape from outside in:

  • Direct Size E- glass  20% stronger than normal 4oz surfboard glass
  • Polyester material which bonds well to resin and foam
  • Carbon -  known for its properties of strength, rigidity and lightness.

It can be used on your board to add directional stability in one specific direction. A perfect replacement for a full carbon tape for reinforcing surfboard rails in the tail area, it generally flexes more than a full carbon tape so it will complement the natural performance of the board. 

It also can be used as a strong and responsive stringer along the bottom of a stringer less EPS blank.  Also it gives a lot more colour to your board without doing a spray job!

To use:

Laminate the Carbon Poly fibre tape directly to the foam under the fibreglass layers. We recommend using Surfset epoxy with the Rail Tapes.

Width: 80mm

Tape Length: 50m

Colours: Red Tracer, Blue Tracer, Orange Tracer or Clear Tracer.

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