Double Bias Fibreglass Cloth


 Double Bias Fibreglass 3oz, 4.5oz or 6.3oz - 635mm PER Roll 

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One of the new cloths in the Sanded Australia range is the Double Bias cloth. 

What is Double Bias ?
The cloth is 635mm in width and the E-glass fabric is a  layered fabric consisting of fibreglass rovings laid down parallel in the 0, -45, +45 and 90axes. This fabric provides the ability to apply multiple layers simultaneously and adds excellent structural support and stiffness to the laminate.


  • Strong compression protection 
  • High tensile strength
  • great fabric properties for maximum fibre to weight ratio


How to apply

  • Most pro builders carefully put it in place before putting on other layers of fiberglass.
  • Mark out where you want it to sit on the board, cut to size, paint a thin layer of resin the lay in place. Laminate over the top.
  • Be careful when sanding was the area with the Double Bias as it will be raised slightly.
  • It can be used with all resins.  Try with Surfset Epoxy Resin for extra strength.

Double Bias cloth can be used for :

  • Back Rails - to prevent the tails from shattering and strengthening the deck from foot compressions
  • In Lays: decks of board to increase impact strength 
  • Full cloth reinforcement underneath a normal layer of cloth for impact strength and reduce dings.

Width:      635mm

Weights: 3oz, 4.5oz or 6.3oz please use drop down menu to select options 

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