Dynamik Multi Fin System - Thruster Set


Dynamik has developed a fin system that will FCS2 fins and other Dual tab systems! thing!!

The fin box has been developed and made in australia 

The Side Finbox comes in 9 degree (left and right) for your High performance boards  and centre box to make your Thrusters set ups complete.



How to install: Option 1: buy the dedicated install jig base and use your FCS router bit 

Step1:  mark fins out as per FCS2 set up

Step 2: Use the FCS router bit  to cut all boxes in 

Step 3:  Using Dual tab dummy fins,  glue in your boxes at the right angle (milled fibre resin mix preferred) 

Step 4:   Apply Dai cut stickers

step 5: Glass in as you would for a FCS box

step 6: Sand the ridge off to break through the glass as you would do with a FCS box

step 7: once board is finished screw in the grubscrews (for FCS2 fins - 2 screws as for all other systems per box) and go riding!!

2 grub screws per box included in price