FCS Fusion Side Finboxes


FCS Fusion Side Finboxes - Choose from 5 and 9 degree cant

FCS Fusion Plugs was developed primarily for EPS/Epoxy surfboards; however the system can be just as easily applied to PU/Poly construction surfboards.

FCS Fusion was designed to offer significant improvements and advantages over other pre-glass systems currently on the market.This was achieved by incorporating a figure eight outline which provides constant curves to prevent the straight line shearing that fibreglass is prone to. We also incorporated a high density foam foundation under the plug to dramatically increase the impact resistance and break strength, while providing a solid base so the plug does not rotate or sink into the foam.

FCS Fusion comes available in 2 different cant angles for side fins; 5 degrees and 9 degrees. Choosing the correct cant angle makes it easy to obtain the desired fin position while adjusting to suit both extreme and subtle bottom contours. This allows for a stronger installation with accurate fin cant angles every time.

Degrees:         Choose from 5 or 9 degrees (by using drop down box and click add to cart)