Flexi - Hex 100% Reusable Cardboard Surfboard Packaging


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Flexi-Hex changes the way boards are packaged. 

Eco Friendly100% Recycled, Re-usable and Adaptable Cardboard sleave .

 It improves board packaging in every way. Currently packing boards is time consuming, costly and includes using a range of different materials that are mostly harmful to the environment.

The Flexi-hex sleeves are made from 100% recyclable cardboard and can be assembled in approximately 2 minutes.

Flexi-hex can be used to pack a wide range of boards including: shortboard surfboards, longboard surfboards, snowboards, wakeboards, skateboards etc

How many sleeves you use is determined by the length of the board. For example, a standard 6ft surfboard will need 2 sleeves and most longer boards may need 3. The sleeves simply slide on from the ends of the board and are taped where they meet as well as at the ends for optimum nose and tail protection. Note: this is why it is good to leave a little extra sleeve over hanging on each end. 

Flexi-hex is not only made from 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable materials it can also be reused. The strength and flexibility in the design gives customers the ability to unpack and return the sleeves into their convenient storage size. In fact using Flexi-hex will also save you time, money and space came as additional benefits.


Mid Sleeve -The strongest Flexi-Hex sleeve can be shipped with little or  no external packaging. Size 1155mm long X 45mm wide x40mm thick

Lite Sleeve - suitable for shipping inserts in boxes and packing boards inside board bags for travelling. Size 1150mm long x 35mm wide x 40mm thick