Foil Tuttle Box- Standard Depth


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This box has been used by Many brands of Foils,  from the beginning it was used in sports like  windsurfing and kitesurfing and is known for the strength of the box.

The box shown in this picture is a standard tuttle, not a deep tuttle version, which is sits deeper in the board.  We only sell the standard style as the Deep Tuttle is usually to big for prone surfboards and most foils are made for the Standard Tuttle box 



TUTTLE BOX PLACEMENT GUIDE FOR A FOIL (this may very for different board designs)

Rough Guidelines to Tuttle box placements for different length boards: The measurement is made from the back opening of the Tuttle box or from the trailing edge of Mast on our plate foil to the tail of the board.

Board Length Distance from tail of board
3′ to 4’6″” 1′ to 6″
4’6” to 4’11” 4” to 8”
5’0″ to 5’9 6” to 12”
5’10” to 6’6” 8” to 15”
6’7” to 7’4” 12” to 20”
7’5” to 8’6” 16” to 22”
8’7” to 9’6” 20” to 28”

Prone surfboards in general need the box further back than a SUP. This is because the lighter the board, the less lift you need to make and/or keep it foiling.

Think of your back foot on a prone board where you would like to place it when standing up into surf position. Generally, your foot will be close to standing directly on top of the mast when on a prone board or slightly forward of that position.

On a SUP, you can stand slightly aft of the prone position, so many stand on the trailing edge of the mast on their SUPs.

Box placement further forward creates greater lift and earlier planing but you will be standing further towards the nose to balance it.

Box further back usually helps the boards turn ability.

Lightweight riders need less lift and heavy riders need more lift so consider the riders size when choosing box placement.