Gearbox 2 Fin Box Installation Kit - 2 rout system


The Gearbox 2 installation kit is a re-usable and cost effective system to insert Gearbox 2 fin boxes into boards.  It also allows board makers to use a range of different blank materials such as PU and EPS.

The installation method is a two-step process that creates a cavity with a shelf onto which the load beam collar of the box rests. The other part of the cavity houses the bottom of the box.

The routing system consists of a couple of jigs that allow the routing to take place without the need to adjust the depth of the router bit. The router bit is always setup at the greatest depth.

The install kit consists of three jigs - base, bottom, and top:-

  • The base jig is the primary positioning jig used to locate the other jigs.
  • The bottom jig used to rout the centre cavity for the bottom of the box. This jig nests within the base jig when in use.
  • The top jig used to rout the shelf onto which the box rests. This jig sits on top of the base jig and the overhanging ends position it on the base jig.

  • OPTIONAL - Purchase thruster set of white Gearbox2 fin boxes.  Simply click Kit with Full set in dropdown box.

The thickness of each of the jigs adjusts the depth of the router bit to the appropriate depth so the router bit does not need adjusting once it has been setup through the whole process.

The kit is manufactured from glass filled polycarbonate, making them inexpensive, durable and easy to re-use every time you make a new surfboard!

We do sell each of part of the install kit separately as well for easy replacement.


Download the Standard Blank GEARBOX 2 install instructions  (PU and 2# EPS Foam Blanks)

Download the 1# Density EPS Blank GEARBOX 2  install instructions