Gearbox 2 Fin Boxes High Density Foam Surrounds


Gearbox 2 Finboxes - High Density Foam Surrounds 

The GEARBOX 2 FINBOXES are designed in Hawaii and made in the USA.  They are as light as possible without compromising the strength. The unique patent pending design, delivers unprecedented strength for an under the glass system.

The Gearbox design also gives the opportunity to use as an “after lamination” install as well. Once installed, GEARBOX 2 is almost invisible!

The high density foam surrounds are made to make the install easier instead of a 2 step rout it makes it a one step rout and also makes the the box strong with high density foam to connect the resin from the box to the foam of the surfboard

The Foam is a recycled PET 80HD so made from used plastic water bottles and turned into foam.

You will need one Foam insert per box so when ordering please make sure you order the right quantity