Hanalei A4C 500 Twin Med Size Futures Base CNC Range


The A4C series has undergone extensive testing before being put into production. This testing process resulted in a lot of refinements and improvements to the series easily making them the most versatile fins in our range. Now it is in CNC Solid Fiberglass Construction 

The shape of this series features a strong cutaway at the base and a reverse curve in the upper portion of the tip, adding more tip area. The trailing edge of the fin is shaped like an "S" in profile to better control the water flow off the trailing edge of the fin.  When coupled with the PHAT FOILS it further enhances the water flow on and off the fin.

The 500 is intended to be used as a Small TWIN FIN or as a larger front fin Thruster set or in a quad set up! To give you performance !



height: 5.00" [127mm]

base: 2.875" [73mm]