Hanalei CNC Range K9/Pwr Quad Fin Set Gearbox Base


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The K9/PWR series is a new design series. These are only available as a quad set as the fins are matched.

It starts with the K9-450K, our KAHI cutaway keel fin. This fin provides a great combination of drive, maneuverability, and speed. The most prominent feature is the extreme cutaway. We call this cutaway style a KAHI. The cutaway keeps the base of the fin very narrow, allowing the board to turn quickly. While the rake and blade still provide plenty of power and projection. This fin serves as the engine for the combo.

It is paired up with the PWR-400 as the back fin. This fin serves a very distinct role. Due to the shape of the fin, the primary purpose is to add extra drive and speed later in a turn. This fin is commonly set up with a slight overlap inside the front fin. The shape of the fin concentrates the area down low, where it can add extra tracking and drive to a turn. Thereby complementing the front fin.

Both of these fins feature HOLOFOILS that improve their efficiency.

These fins are ideally suited to fish-style boards where a twin keel setup is typically used. They have also proven to be excellent for kneeboard fish-tyle boards.


Specifically designed as a quad setup with matched fins. These are intended to be used on boards with an overlapping quad layout for the best performance.

These work well in fish-style boards, as well in kneeboards.

They are only currently offered in these two sizes.



height: 4.50" [114mm]
base: 3.9375" [100 mm]
area: 15.49 in² [101 cm²]


height: 4.00" [102mm]
base: 2.875" [73 mm]
area: 8.00 in² [52 cm²]