Hanalei CNC Range Q5 -425 Quad Rear Set Gearbox Base



The latest generation of the Q family of fin designs - Q5!

We have worked on this design for over a year and will complete the final testing this winter. They represent the next advancement in the Q series of fins, with functional and versatile designs.

The Q5 still carries forward the elliptical outline of previous series versions but features a more upright stance and refined blade tip. In addition, the shape of the cutaway has been refined to be more effective and to enhance its functionality on FUTURES bases. The cutaway keeps the base narrow for tight turns and maneuverability.

The other significant advancement with the larger versions of this template is the addition of the FLIPTWO flipped tips. This brings another level of performance to an already excellent fin. In addition, it enhances turns and adds a little extra feel late in the turn.

As with previous versions, it still carries a HOLOFOIL on the inside face, but it is a little more extreme in this design, improving speed and overall performance. The addition of the FLIPTWO tips has allowed these foils to be further enhanced for more speed.

This series is all about smooth power and versatility!

A wide range of templates make up this series, but initially, we are only offering a few sizes. More sizes will be added as we grow the series.

 This fin is specifically designed as the back fin for a Q5 QUAD set. It has no flip tip as its the smallest in this range, It can also be used as the front fin in a reverse QUAD setup or as a side bite in a 2PLUS1 setup.


height: 4.25" [108mm]
base: 2.875" [73mm]
area: 10.55 in2 [68 cm2]


We are stoked to have the first versions in our CNC fin range.