Hanalei CNC Range XT2 500 Twin Fin Set Gearbox Base


Hanalei XT2 Series

This is the latest series to join our range of CNC fins. It is loosely based on the DV9 design but with the added tip extension. Most of the designs in this series feature a slight flip in the tip as well, called the FLIPTWO.

This new design is a high-performance fin that handles various conditions. It features our PHAT FOILS and HOLOFOILS, with the FLIPTWO allowing for more efficient HOLOFOILS. In addition, extending the tip gives the fin a lot more feel later into the turn while also providing a better pivot point.

The main body of the fin is more wing-like than the typical fin and allows the fin to be very efficient at generating lift and thereby creating forward momentum.

Due to how the FLIPTWO is implemented, the fin profile features a distinctive taper from the base to the transition to the flip. The FLIPTWO is, in turn, a lot thinner than our first-generation flips. We are minimizing the risks of cavitation. There is also a slight hollowing of the inside face of the flip to give it a little more bite during a turn.

A dedicated center fin design features even more prominent tips to provide greater holding power and feel in the water. In addition, the center fin has very distinctive foils that differentiate between the throat and blade of the fin.


This is the main side fin, used as QUAD front fins and THRUSTER side fins combined with the F8-438C center fin. They can also be used as a smaller twin fin. Features the FLIPTWO flipped tips.


height: 5.00" [127mm] base: 2.875" [73mm]