Hanalei DS-400 Twin Fin Set Fin Gearbox Base


The DS series currently consists of just this single template, it looks like a variant on a hatchet fin but there is a lot going on with this fin that is not apparent when viewing It from the side.

This design delivers a lot of drive and speed from a very small package. It is only 4" tall but due to the raked back shape it has a lot of pop out of turns and amazing holding power.

The unique thing about this design is the fact that the entire upper blade is flipped outboard by 6º and both the bottom portion of the fin and the upper blade have very strong hollow foils. The combination of these features make this fin incredibly fast and effortless through turns.

By flipping the upper portion of the blade will gain a couple of critical performance enhancements. Firstly, it really helps the fin transition through a turn making the turns feel more fluid. Secondly, as the board transitions more onto the rail the upper blade becomes more vertical in the water, dramatically enhancing the feel in the turn. Essentially it makes it a lot easier to push off the fin in a turn. When coupled with the flex in the fin there is a lot of pop out of the turn for such as small fin.

The speed of this fin comes from the fact that it has a very low wetted surface, so this reduction in drag helps it go through the water a lot faster. Plus the hollow inside foils also greatly enhances the water flow over the fin, which really helps the speed.

Surprisingly, for as small as this fin is it works incredibly well as the side fin in a thruster setup, primarily due to the shape. On shortboards this fin rocks in a thruster setup when coupled with the XTC-450C center fin. It is also good as a side bit in a 2PLUS1 setup.


height: 4.25" [108mm]

base: 2.875" [73mm]

area: 10.41 in2 [67.16cm2]