Hanalei GFD Canard/Twinzer Twin Fin Dual Tab Base


After lots of requests we are introducing the GFD range - GFD= General Fin Design 

Part of our in-house designed collection The GFD Range, the Canard / Twinzer was born after a few different rounds of template design and R&D. Utilizing our fin making expertise, we feel we've landed on this super strong & all-around performing Twinzer.  These front canard fins and a rear twin fin set which allows them to perform and function in tandem at the highest level. 

The smaller Canard / Twinzer fins that are meant to be positioned slightly forward and outside of the twins which will break the water tension and provide increased lift and speed. As a unit, Twinzer setups provide a mix of hold and drive, but they will also maintain some of the qualities that comes from a twin. Using the Hanalei Canards/Twinzer set ups - you can expect fast and fluid down-the-line flow, with acceleration through turns, and a combination of a loose / yet drivey feeling. 

  • Fits well with a variety of board designs - performance shortboards, fish shapes of all sizes, mid-lengths, and longboards
  • Design shape is a similar outline to the Q series - so can match in with your Q2's, Q5's and your QFT's
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish
  • Traditional Asymmetric fin design with a flat foil on the inside 
  • Can also be used as a very small quad rear 

With 1 base option  :- Front dual tab Canard fins have no angle and should be paired with appropriate FCS plugs (or Gearbox) that do have angle built in


Base: 70mm

Height: 70mm

Colour : Transparent Smoke