Hanalei GFD Longboard GG 10 inch fin


Hanalei introduces the GFD  = General Fin Design 

Part of our in-house designed collection The GFD Range, the Hanalei Longboard GG Single fin  was developed off one of the most popular longboard fins. Utilizing our fin making expertise, we reckon we have perfect shape to enhance your longboard or mid-length box fin set up.  This fin with it's perfect balance of drive and release, this may be the most versatile and practical single fin template ever. The GG creates a smoother feeling through turns than more upright templates, it has drive and hold in powerful waves, but in smaller surf can feel loose and reactive.

Extra-wide base with a refined and flexible tip that is noticeably looser through the last third. Balanced curve through the leading edge with a more upright trailing edge.

  • Fits well with any 2+1 set ups
  • Solid fiberglass 
  • Fits US style finbox, Futures Strongbox and FCS single fin box
  • Comes in 5 colours to match most fins :- Black, Red, Beer, Volan and Pink 


Base: 185mm

Height : 2mm