Hanalei GFD Longboard Stabiliser 4.5 fin


Hanalei introduces the GFD  = General Fin Design 

Part of our in-house designed collection The GFD Range, the Hanalei Longboard Stabiliser  was designed after a few different rounds of testing and R&D. Utilizing our fin making expertise, we reckon we have perfect shape to enhance your longboard or mid-length box fin set up.  This fin can make any board with a box fin set up feel like a thruster with the right side fins added.

  • Fits well with any 2+1 set ups to make a thruster feel
  • Solid fiberglass 
  • Fits US style finbox, Futures Strongbox and FCS single fin box
  • Comes in 5 colours to match most fins :- Black, Red, Beer, Volan and Pink 


Base: 115mm

Height : 115mm