Hanalei GFD Mini Side Bites Twin Fin Futures style (Deep) Base


After lots of requests we are introducing the GFD range - GFD= General Fin Design 

Part of our in-house designed collection The GFD Range, the Hanalei Mini Side bites was designed after a few different rounds of testing and R&D. Utilizing our fin making expertise, we reckon we have perfect shape to enhance your 2+`1 set up.  These Mini Side Bites fins and a Single fin makes them perform in tandem at the highest level. 

The fins will provide that extra level of stability, projection, and hold you are looking for out of your setup.

  • Fits well with any 2+1 set ups
  • Design shape is a similar outline to the K1 series - a shape we know that works. 
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish
  • Traditional Asymmetric fin design with a flat foil on the inside 
  • Can also be used as a very small quad rear (though in single tab (futures style) is only in 3/4 inch base (Deep)) 

With 3 base options  :- Dual Tab , Gearbox and Futures style 3/4 base (Deep)


Base: 100mm 

Height: 70mm 

Colour : Transparent Smoke