Hanalei H5 400 Twin Set Dual Tab CNC Range


The current generation of the Hammer fin design. This is the 5th generation version of this design, that continues to evolve as one of the best choice for a positive rear fin in a quad setup.

These fins have effortless turning abilities, while provide lots of drive and hold for such a small fin.

They can be combined with most of our large quad front fins to add a whole new dimension to a quad setup. They are also fairly popular as side bites in 2PLUS1 setups.

Due to the shape and rake of the upper blade these fins provide a lot of drive out of a turn as the blade will engage late into the turn. The Hammer design has been part of our range for a very long time and continues to evolve, this version is the most current production version.

The H5-400 features our unique HOLOFOILS on the inner face. The H5 has slightly more area than the earlier version with a little less rake. The latest generation now available as a CNC machined fin!


height: 4.00" [102mm] base: 2.875" [73mm] area: 13.94 in2 [89.94 cm2]