Hanalei NRG2 Centre Fin Gearbox Base CNC Range



NRG2 Series

The NRG2 series only consists of a small trailer center fin.

This fin is the only one in this series. It has been added to provide a highly functional small center trailer fin. It is for use in either a TWIN or 5FIN setup.

The version featured here is 3.00" in height and, due to the nose at the base, can be made to work with a full DUAL TAB, GEARBOX, and FUTURES Shallow base.

They are great with any of our twin fins, as they smooth out the turns and add extra control.

This tiny trailer fin is proving very popular as a center fin when coupled with one of our CNC twin fins.

It helps smooth the turns with the twin fin and adds extra control.


height: 3.00" [101mm] base: 2.875" [73mm]