Hanalei Premium 6ft Leash/Legrope


The Surfboard leash was invented in the Early 1970s amidst controversy, was it Pat Oneil (Jack's son) or was Kiwi Peter Wright?  We are not here to say who invented it or even say that we have re-invented it... All we know we have developed a damn good one and happy to put the Hanalei brand on it!

 > Quick release tab.
> High strength cord.
> Double stainless swivels.
> Strong hold velcro.
> Key pocket.
> Rail saver.
> Padded ankle strap for extra comfort.

Hanalei Leashes are manufactured using premium materials to deliver superior strength, flex memory, swivel rotation, comfort & overall durability.

Sizes: 6ft, 9ft Ankle and 9ft Calf.