Hanalei WS2 Quad Fin Set Futures Base



 The WS2 series are a second generation version of our split keel design.

This series is made up of only two designs - a front fin WS2-400F and a back fin WS2-475. The front fin features a flipped tip for better performance and transition speed. Both fins feature extensive hollow foils on the inside faces, again geared towards improved performance.

These fins can be used in a wide range of boards but are especially well suited to fish-style boards. When placed correctly these fins can provide an enhanced twin fin feel but without the twitchiness of the typical twin fin.

The design of these split keels depends for the best performance on the fins being placed as close together as possible. By this we mean the fore-n-aft placement. Because the fins are essentially a keel fin that has been split into two separate fins their functionality depends on a tight cluster.

However, this setup can still work really well in fin setups that are more spread out, they are just not as optimal as a tight cluster. These two different templates can also be used separately, although the design was intended to be used as a quad setup.

WS2-400F Twin (front fins in split keel)

The front fin in this series features our FLIP TIPS and HOLOFOILS.

The shape of the fin has a lot of rake that serves to both give the setup a lot of speed but also to improve the projection. This increased rake also helps the fins role as a transition fin where it is designed to initiate turns and then once into the turn transfer the drive onto the back fin.


height: 4.00" [102mm]

base: 3.25" [83mm]

area: 11.84 in2 [76.39 cm2]

WS2-475 Twin (back fin in split keel set up)

The matching back fin for this set, this is the main driving force of the setup. Features a shape that distributes the area failry evenly throughout the fin, but with more area in the tip than normal fins.

This shape gives the tin a lot of power and when coupled with our HOLOFOILS plenty of speed. Projecttion from this fin setup is amazing making it good in a wide range of wave heights.


height: 4.75" [121 mm]

base: 3.50" [89 mm]

area: 15.12 in2 [97.55 cm2]