Hanalei WTF 425 Twin Fin Set Gearbox Base


The WTF range currently consists of just this single template, but it is something else. It is very hard to classify this fin as it is so unusual and yet is an unbelievable performer.

Don't let the look of the fin throw you off. There is a lot going on with this fin and it delivers, big time. The simplest description for this fin is that it represents a super canard-style fin. The fin is not just a simple vertical fin it has two distinct breaks in its profile with the central blade area flipped out by 7º and the trailing tip extension at 25º. This fin has to been seen to believe what is going on with the shape.

It is most commonly used with a more upright back fin, that in most cases is larger than this fin. The WTF serves as the transitional fin in a reverse quad setup where it initiates turns and then transitions the turn onto the back fin set in a quad. Amazingly, this fin works in an incredibly wide range of conditions and wave heights. It has been tested in everything from 3' faces to 25' faces, and it works through the whole range.

Typically used in combination with the XTC fins, but it could be used with other similar fins.


height: 4.25" [108mm]

base: 2.875" [73mm]

area: 10.41 in2 [67.16cm2]