Hanalei XTC-413 Twin Fin Set Gearbox Base


The XTC range currently consists of wide range of template sizes, but the two side fins shown here, along with the center fin, have been the most heavily used and tested in Hawaiian winter swells.

The primary driving force behind the design of these fins is to deliver a template that behaves more like a wing than your typical "dolphin fin" style surfboard fin. The motivation for this design all started from the design of a tail wing for a foil board.

Like many modern wings this design features a tip extension to enhance the performance of the fin. This extension is flipped 16º to the outside and has a slight hollow foil on the inside face. The body of the fin also features a strong hollow foil. These fins are very efficient, fast, with a ton of drive. They also have the uncanny ability to help the board move through dead spots on the wave.

Due to their very upright nature they turn extremely well with out loss of speed through the turns. The tips play a crucial role in the turning process as they allow for transitioning of the fin during a turn. This means as the board is placed further on it's rail the tip of the fin becomes more vertical in the water allow it to create a pivot point. Hard to describe but something that can be easily felt when using the fins.

This pair of side being unmatched means they can be ridden either way in a quad setup, but in most of our testing they were ridden with the larger fin in the back. So they worked very well as a Twinzer setup. When coupled with a center fin either of these templates work really well, the smaller one for a very loose feel, or the larger for a positive feel in a wide range of conditions.

For thrusters two combinations can be created with the XTC-413 / XTC450C for a smaller looser setup and the XTC-500 / XTC-450C combo for a lot more drive and hold. Due to the shape of the center fin it has a lot of hold when positioned further forward while still providing great turning ability due to the more upright nature of the body of the fin.

These fins have been ridden in boards ranging from small fishes and kneeboards, through guns to tow boards. They have been successfully surfed in everything from 3' slop to 40' faces. They work!

XTC 413

Designed primarily as the back fin for an XTC QUAD set, or a front fin in an XTC REVERSE quad, but it is also used as a side fin for smaller thrusters setups. Also serves as a side bite in a 2PLUS1 setup.


height: 4.125" [105mm]

base: 2.875" [73mm]

area: 8.91 in2 [57.48 cm2]


We are slowly running out of this style if you are looking for a similar style try the new Hanalei XT2 425