Innegra S Satin Weave 4oz Cloth - Per 50M Roll


Innegra S 4oz cloth is made from a high modulus polypropylene fibre that can be used independently or in conjunction with other fibres to provide weight reduction.

It has excellent levels of impact resistance and damage tolerance. Innegra also has a very low density and is hydrophobic meaning it is an excellent choice for the Surf market.

Satin Weave is constructed with each warp and weft thread weaves over 3 or more and under one crossing thread. The cloth has distinct warp and weft faces with a relatively smooth surface. This weave shows excellent pliability and drape ability over compound curves and allows high strength in all surface directions. It is firm and stable, allows good porosity, uniform in strength in all surface directions.

It can be used with Polyester or Epoxy resins.

Weight: 4oz

Width: 685mm  

Roll length: 50 metres