Kevlar Uni Tape


Kevlar Uni Rail tape - Per 50M Roll

This Uni Tape the impact strength of Kevlar perfect for boards that get bashed and the rails of Sups with their paddle hitting there board


What is Kevlar?

Kevlar is simply a super-strong plastic. If that sounds unimpressive, remember that there are plastics—and there are plastics. This is a plastic strong enough to stop bullets and knives—often described as being "five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis." Kevlar's amazing properties are partly due to its internal structure and partly due to the way it's made into fibers that are knitted tightly together. It's strong but relatively light and unlike most plastics it does not melt.

 Although it has very high tensile (impact) strength, it has very poor compressive strength (resistance to squashing or squeezing).  Very high abrasive resistance makes it hard to sand and cut (best under a layer of fiberglass)

Best used with epoxy resins


Width 64mm

Weight: 200gsm

Roll length: 50M