Keyline Composites Surf Series Clear Epoxy Resin 7.5L Kit


Keyline Surf Series is a true Surfboard Production Epoxy Resin, Clear in colour to make sure your carbons and tints are true to colour !! 

And now you can get the same resin to use in your Shed! 

The same product can be used through-out Lam, Filler (hot coat) , Finish.

(Add Additve X to your Hotcoats to get even better sandable finish )

The consistency of the resin is slightly thicker than most Surf Epoxy Resins which make it easier for polyester resin users to use epoxy.

Its a User Friendly resin with good work-ability

Pot life: 25mins 

Flip Time (touch dry): 2.5 hours

Sandable: 6-8 hours

Sizes  7.5L kits and 15L production kits

Please note: This resin is a classed as a Dangerous Good so can only be sent out by a courier - when ordering please make sure you have a shipping address where it can be signed off by a person, we can not  send it to a PO BOX.

We ship Resin throughout Australia.  Please note that the Resin is regarded as a Dangerous Good and therefore attracts a DS goods charge for shipping. You can simply view your shipping and DG costs in the Checkout area (as it will depend on your delivery location.)  If you are shipping to Country WA please email us beforehand.