Leash Install Adapter And Router Bit For Futures One Pass Install Kit


This adaptor makes your Futures One pass install kit the most versatile install tool ever!  If you want a Leash Install system For Futures leash plugs and the replacement futures leash plugs by using your existing kit 


How to install


Step1: Measure up as using the futures One pass kit - Mark out using futures install kit 

Step 2: Use the futures  target to line up your cuts, drop in the adapter at the Front  of the Jig to reduce the size of the cut (good it idea to tape it in so it doesn't move)

Step 3:  Use the Leash router bit  to cut the hole  in 

Step 4: glue in your leash plug  at the right angle

step 5: Glass in as you would for a pre lam  box 

step 6: Sand the ridge off to break through the glass as you would do with a futures box

step 7: Do all the normal steps to finish the board and go riding!!