Modii Fin Box And Leash Mega Install Kit


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Modii Installation Kit for Finboxes and leash plugs 

How much is your time worth? With the Modii  installation kit Modii  have simplified their install system and install jig easier and more time efficient! 

In the kit there is everything you need (except the router itself) to properly install  fin boxes into surfboards to fit every fin  from Futures, FCS, FCS2, Gearbox, Aust Fin Co , and many others  Plus being able to do the Futures and Modii leash plugs  

It comes with:-

  • Two One-Pass Router  bits (3/4" and 1/2" depth) Futures One pass "compatible"
  • One Leash Router bit 
  • Futures compatible Jig Plate and target 
  • Modii Universal Finbox Jig plate and target 
  • Modii universal finbox depth checkers 
  • Leash jig plate (futures compatible)
  • Router slide collar  (futures one pass kit compatible )
  • Does not include Router

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