Modii One-pass Jig Base For Futures Replacement Leash Plug (Futures compatible)


Replacement Futures Leash Plug install Jig Base

The Modii "Replacement  Futures" Leash Plug is an awesome leash plug and because its so popular we have decided to make an install jig  . Using your "Futures one pass" collar on your trim router drop it into jig and cut away

The blade is available if you need as well 

How to use:

- Mark out where your leash will sit on the board

- Using the cross lines on the jig line up the position

- Make sure your futures/modii leash router bit is at the right depth

- Put your "futures one pass collar" on your trim router 

- Turn on your trim router and slowly lower the router into the jig and board

- Cut your hole, turn off the router while still in the cut hole and  wait to router stops spinning.

- Lift router and jig off board put leash plug in and install as per normal