Modii Thruster Set -Dual tab (FCS compatible) Small, Med or Large


MODII Thruster Set : FCS fin box compatible. Performance honeycomb  Core designed to deliver controlled flex and enhanced base stiffness.

Molded fiberglass fin with honeycomb core . This well rounded template is designed to strike a balance between speed, drive and maneuverability. Perfect for a wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks, these fins are suited to all board types.


M3 - Small

o Base:  4.28 in. 109 mm

o Depth: 4.41 in. 112 mm

o Area: 14.22 in.² 9172 mm

o Sweep: 31°

Optimum weight range: 50kg-70kg


M5 - Med

o Base: 4.37" / 111 mm

o Depth: 4.55" / 115 mm

o Area: 14.76"2; / 9525 mm2;

o Sweep: 33°

o Foil: Flat

 Optimum weight range: 65kg-85kg

M7- Large

o Base: 4.52" / 115 mm

o Depth: 4.67" / 119 mm

o Area: 15.71"²; / 10137 mm²

o Sweep: 33°

o Foil: Flat

Optimum weight range: 78kg-98kg