Newkem Polyester Opti Bright Laminating Resin


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Polyester Laminating Resin. NewKem Polyester resins are the Australian Surfboards industries preferred with some of the biggest brands in the business using their range. Laminating Resin is used for applying fiberglass to surfboards. This resin is designed to dry tacky. Can be converted into sanding (hot-coat) resin with our NewKem Wax n Styrene additive. 

It has a Optical Bright tint added to the resin to help it stay whiter for longer.

Polyester resins can only be used on PU blanks 

MEKP Catalyst or UV Sun Cure Catalyst is required to harden resin. Catalyst is sold separately. 

Please note: This product is classed as a Dangerous Goods item so DG freight charges apply when sending by courier.

We ship Resin throughout Australia.  Please note that the Resin is regarded as a Dangerous Good and therefore attracts a DS goods charge for shipping. You can simply view your shipping and DG costs in the Checkout area (as it will depend on your delivery location.)  If you are shipping to Country WA please email us beforehand.