PET Surfboard Cloth 3oz -Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles


Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills every year. But now you can do something about it. Use a layer of this cloth in your next surfboard! This 3oz cloth is easy to use as a reinforcement layer on your deck without reducing the strength, (actually its stronger look at pics to see the graph)

Made in Australia with yarn from the most trusted,  performance fiber made from recycled materials. We're not just finding new life for recycled materials. Compared to making what's called virgin fiber, making PET Cloth emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process, as well as saving thousands of plastic bottles from our dumps and landfill sites. That makes a big difference for our future.

How the PET Cloth is made?


  1. Source Recycled Waste: Recycled plastic bottles and post-industrial waste are collected worldwide.
  2. Make the Chip: Waste material is chopped, ground, washed, melted and reformulated into high-quality PET chip.
  3. Form the Fiber: Chip is melted into liquid polymer and extruded through tiny openings in a spinneret, creating continuous filaments that form PET fiber.
  4. Process the Yarn: PET Fiber becomes yarn through spinning and air-jet texturing.
  5. Shipped to our Factory: Finished PET yarn goes into our Weaving machines right here in Australia (keeping local manufacturing jobs in Australia for  the surf industry ) , making a more sustainable Surfboard cloth  that has ever been on the market before !!

As per the pictures it has a white mesh like look and isn't clear. Also recommended to replacement of a layer of glass on the deck. As sanding into would fluff up the cloth 

Try some on your next board today!!