Surfbright 5oz S glass Imported cloth 27 Inch Wide -33m rolls


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Surfbright fibreglass is our imported cloth, We got asked to stock a value for money cloth, it is Soft, white cloth with very fast wet out - amazing transparencey - wraps even the hardest edges - great in channels.

Whats the difference to our premium Australian made cloth vs the Surfbright cloth?

This cloth is a "baked" (heat treated) cloth imported from overseas compared to our direct size Aussie made cloth 

its about 10%  less strength than the S glass Direct Size Colan cloth 

Its softer so it wraps rails well

It frays less so cleaner cuts 

and its cheaper! so if making boards on a budget, this is the cloth for you 

We are not doing cut lengths of these cloths only rolls

rolls length : 33m