Universal Base Resin Colourant - Denim Blue Semi Opaque




The Sanded Australia Universal Base Resin Colourant pigments are the first of its kind to be used in tinting surfboards

We have worked on the system to perfect the results for Epoxy and polyester surfboards, to make a colourant that has a safe non DG base – meaning safer for you to use and safer for your boards that you make.

On Eps being a non DG base it will not eat the foam like some pigments will. our colourant base is sometimes used in the makeup industry so very low volatility compared to the normal resin or styrene based pigments used in the industry now.


We suggest that you colour your resin by 0.5 -5% max as anymore with change the structure of the resin (as with all Tints and pigments) and weaken it.  Due to our colour concentration in our pigment range you will mainly be using very low amounts of colour – a little goes a long ,long way!!


How to Use:

-mix up your Lam resin as you would normally do 

- add a small amount of the Resin colourant (remember a little goes a long way) Add rate % 0.5-5

- mix well so colour is fully mixed with resin

- pour onto your cloth to start lamination process

- If used in hot coat/ filler coats  we recommend to finish board with a clear coat.


* pictures might has slight variation to color presented 


# Please dont mix colours with other brands to make new colours as this might affect the colourant (you can of course mix OUR colours together )

Sizes: Small (50ml) , Large (100ml)