UV Activated Catalyst For Polyester Resin


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UV Activated Catalyst allows for quicker production of surfboards. It's  added to polyester resin in a similar way to (MEKP) catalysts; so no change is needed to your existing laminating procedure.

The biggest difference from our Sun cure to others is that its a liquid and is formulated to go with our NewKem polyester resins with no STYRENE MIXTURE, where others are powder and you need to mix it into Styrene base. If you add to much powder it will be brittle if you add to much Styrene base to the board will go brown quicker.

The UV Activated Catalyst bottles are designed with the right amounts to be mixed into our NewKem resins

- 16 gram bottle to be mixed into a 4L Polyester Resin 

- 80 gram bottle to be mixed into a 20L Polyester Resin

Can not be used with Epoxy Resins