UV Activated Catalyst For Polyester Resin


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UV Activated Catalyst allows for quicker production of surfboards. It's  added to polyester resin in a similar way to (MEKP) catalysts; so no change is needed to your existing laminating procedure.

The biggest difference from our Sun cure to others is that its a liquid and is formulated to go with our NewKem polyester resins, where others are powder and you need to mix it into Wax n Styrene. If you add to much powder it will be brittle if you add to much Wax n Styrene the board will go brown quicker.

The UV Activated Catalyst bottles are designed with the right amounts to be mixed into our NewKem resins

- 16 gram bottle to be mixed into a 4L Polyester Resin 

- 80 gram bottle to be mixed into a 20L Polyester Resin

Can not be used with Epoxy Resins

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