Vector Net Reinforcement


ESF Technologies Vector Net fabric is made of diagonal crossed Technora Aramid fiber which allows for flex to occur in the tail, rail or any other part of the board you want to use it on.

Vector Net increases the boards strength making it less prone to breakage because the load is distributed over a different axis. This axis change also adds a bit of 'spring-back' to the board which can enhance the board's performance and natural flex pattern.

It's easy to apply, and is very light. The fibres work like multiple springs and tension cables. The fabric has a tough super-light grid on both sides of the Technora so it lays down smooth either side up or down.  It is ideally laminated first with a layer of 4 oz over the top using epoxy on either a PU or EPS blank.

This Vector Net Fabric is 25 inch  wide and is compatible with Polyester or epoxy resins. Use VERY sharp scissors or composite Kevlar/Carbon scissors.